Praise from Ollie Sharp – UK Sales Manager at LinkedIn

Last week I held a keynote at LinkedIn’s SocialRecruitIn event. Fab event and you can see more from the day here. I finally had the pleasure of meeting Ollie Sharp - UK Sales Manager at LinkedIn.

I’d been tweeting with Ollie for a few months – as he advised David and I that he found edition 1 of The Business of Being Social to be highly useful – and that he was making all members of his UK sales team read it.  In fact, the main reason I’d been invited to talk at the event, was down to Ollie’s recommendation.

When David and I wrote the book, we really positioned it for business owners or those wanting to learn more about the channels. What we didn’t think about at all – was the impact our book could have on how the social media channels we featured within the book themselves, could actually use our ideas to better position their offering to their audiences.

It’s wonderful to hear that LinkedIn took sentiment from our teachings to make some changes to their proposition.  Both David and I are hugely proud of that.

Here’s what Ollie Sharp, UK Sales Manager – Staffing and Search at LinkedIn,  had to say…

“The Business of Being Social has become a useful resource within the LinkedIn sales team. The book really helped us to understand the bigger picture of social media and it was instrumental when we changed the way that we work with clients. It helped us to develop how we consult with our clients and advise them on how to build a social media strategy. We were missing the critical aspects that social media channels enable – such as continuous conversations, brand proposition and getting employees on board to strengthen both brand and message. From our learnings from the book we now advise companies to build their followers, engage them with content and this will enable them to do what they do best – recruit! The Business of Business Social is now a must read for all new recruits into my LinkedIn sales team – and has become an integral part of our training. Highly practical – yet at the same time, highly insightful. A really useful tool for all businesses, either starting out or looking at how to optimise their social media activity.”

Wonderful – even more than we set out to achieve.

Michelle x



Why traditional media is still important

During out training courses with Business Training Made Simple, many delegates are under the impression that somehow tradition marketing is dead, to be replaced solely by social media.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and in fact, the two types of marketing could and should work very well each other. There are lots of examples of businesses using newspaper advertising to promote a Twitter account or Facebook Page, PR agencies work to promote hashtags around events while many small businesses include LIKE US ON FACEBOOK notices inside their premises.

And we have an example of this very close to home. Our book is now being promoted in a weekly column within the business pages of Metro newspaper on Tuesdays. Titled “Taylor’s titbits”, the article looks at one topic of social media which businesses can learn about. The first two have covered understanding what social networks can do for your organisation and creating proper social media guidelines for your staff.

Metro 300413

Poppy Loves ….. our social media courses

We were thrilled to see that one of the attendees at our social media training courses for Business Training Made Simple has written a flattering article about our work.

Jadore Le Rose Header peach 850px

Poppy Loves, which is an anonymous blog about fashion, food, lifestyle, design and fun has a piece talking about the author’s recent experiences learning all about how to apply social media to specific business objectives.

Click here to read the piece and a big thank you to Poppy for the publicity.