Facebook Update: Edgerank is Dead

In Chapter 5 of The Business of Being Social – A Practical Guide to Harnessing the Power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for all Businesses – we discuss Facebook’s algorithm, Edgerank.

What are they talking about? -  I hear your brains a pondering.

If you think about Facebook as a huge database (which it is) – then given the scale of Facebook, you can imagine that ordering the data so that updates and comments etc can be delivered to the relevant people is a significant task.

Instead of having a ‘everyone sees all’ activity schedule – (which would be totally unmanageable given the size of Facebook – and how frequently people use it) – then instead, Facebook has to determine who is going to see what.

And of course, it’s not people that decide who see’s what – but instead, the role is in the ‘chips’ of mathematical algorithms that are accessing a number of factors around the content – and then serving the output.

Historically, Facebook promoted Edgerank as their algorithm. An algorithm which considered 3 key factors (each in themselves a complex calculation):

  • Affinity score – between viewing user and edge creator (translation – how engaged you are with specific connections)
  • Weight for the edge – ie: the quality of the type of content – eg: a comment, a tag, a like, a share etc
  • Time decay – factors based on how long ago the ‘edge’ was created

(See Page 102 in the book for more info).

Whilst these elements are still part of the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine who sees what – it is now widely published and accepted that there are significantly more factors now considered.

In fact – it’s rumoured that there are over 100 factors (and in some reports 100,000!).

Either way – the key element remains in that you need to be working hard on Facebook to generate engagement and then keep that engagement going.

Asking questions (getting people to engage with your Page), quality content and building an influential audience still count.  I suspect as Facebook continues to be a noisy space – then more creativity in to how you corner the eyeballs and activity is going to be needed.

How to clean up your Twitter stream now Twit Cleaner has retired

Yes, Twit Cleaner is no longer.

We refer to Twit Cleaner in our book when talking about how you can manage your Twitter connections – seeing who’s influential, who tweets a lot, who never goes on Twitter, identifying non followers etc .

There’s a great blog on the Twit Cleaner site explaining why they have had to give up the ghost http://thetwitcleaner.com/blog/- however, never fear – Tweepi is here.

The team at Carvill Creative actually prefer Tweepi as the preferred tool to clean up Twitter streams (outside of some of the larger tools we use).

It’s simple, clean and does the job.

So check out Tweepi. It doesn’t do all the things Twitter cleaner offered – but it’s pretty close.

Who’s got a copy of our book then?

Great to see social media exec at The Made Simple Group tweeting about receiving his copy of our book. Also – one of our clients, Shelfstore - tweeted a pic of our book on their shelves too.

Momentum is growing for sure. We already have four excellent reviews so far – all 5* – you can check them out on Amazon here.

Also – one of our clients, Shelfstore – tweeted our book on their shelves too.

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Is Social Media Out of Control? – BBC Radio Interview with Michelle Carvill

Now that our book, The Business of Being Social has launched – our PR team has been doing a great job at generating interest from the media. Here’s the first of a number of radio interviews that we have lined up.

On the breakfast show on BBC Radio Newcastle, Alfie and Charlie posed the question to Michelle Carvill – Is Social Media Out of Control?  Take a listen – the interview is filled with practical advice and tips.

BBC Radio Newcastle 13-0530 8.10am

Enjoy and do share your views with us too? Is social media out of control?


The Business of Being Social – On the Shelves Today!

Woo hoo. You can now buy our book - it’s finally hit the shelves.

We completed writing the book at the end of September 2012 and then had somethe business of being social, social media book, harnessing the power of twitter for business, linkedin for business, facebook for business and youtube. editing opportunities early in 2013. We are eager to get our hands on a printed copy – rather than a manuscript – we hope you are too.

We’ve posted some useful tips extracted from the book – below – these really are just a tiny snippet. There’s heaps more within the book.

Of course, we’re going to say to you get out and buy the book – and we’d love to get your reviews on Amazon too.

You  can also check out our RT to win via @bobsthebook on Twitter. You may be able to win yourself a copy, via a simple Retweet.

Enjoy reading – and we’ll be keeping you posted sharing daily updates.


Tips for Social Savviness


  • Never post anything defamatory or offensive – the law of the land applies on the internet
  • Remember that your social media utterings are your reputation on the worldwide web – you are what you share
  • Never post a comment you wouldn’t say to someone’s face
  • Make sure your privacy settings are set to maximum
  • Keep a watchful eye on your children’s internet activity – that includes mobile phones with internet as well
  • If you are an employer, have proper guidelines for your staff
  • THINK about what you are posting (especially younger social media publishers) – what you post today could come back to haunt you in years to come, so exercise caution.



The world of social media is changing so quickly.

Blank book cover white

In creating The Business of Being Social – we have had to make at least 12 significant changes to the text in as little as 6 months.

The challenge of writing a book about such a dynamic and fast moving topic – is indeed keeping it fresh, and relevant.

Hence why we’ve created this blog – a space where we can keep all readers of The Business of Being Social, completely up-to-date with the latest happenings in the social media space.

Stay tuned, follow @bobsthebook, subscribe to this blog – to ensure that when new things happen, you’re informed.