Could you give up ‘vegetative TV’ and read more?

Great to see another 5***** review for The Business of Being Social – so far a 5 star performance all the way. Long may that continue – but of course, it’s only early days.

the business of being social social media book of the year

The fact that people find the book so ‘dip in and outable’ reminded me how I use books.

I’m an avid business book collector – I love learning from others. I come from the position that it doesn’t matter who you’re speaking to, if you’re open to listening, you’ll always learn something. And this position continues into my reading. The challenge I had, was not the appetite to want to learn and an ever interesting pile of titles – but rather, finding the time to get through them.

My New Year’s resolution was to give up ‘vegetative TV’ and instead turn those hours vegging in front of a TV screen, into positive book reading action.

Over the past year (so far), the only TV guilty pleasure has been 6 hours with The Great British Bake Off – and that was largely due to it being a ‘family’ ritual.

I’ve covered books with stickers, markers, notes – taken photos etc – and have created my own ‘note book’ on all the useful findings from the many books I’ve read. It’s also given me loads of ideas for how to improve any future books I write (and yes, there is one in the pipeline already). Ensuring that there are practical exercises, useful references and space to think and apply the lessons. 

Here’s the latest review.  And my question to you is, how do you use books?

“I’ve found this the most useful book to dip in and out of, it sits on my desk at work and is ready for when I need it next. I have my favourite go to pages tabbed and passages highlighted. It covers the basics and then goes into detail on strategy without being too heavy, it’s perfect for beginners or those who have a basic knowledge and want to take the next step.”

Until next time.

Michelle x