Targeted posts rolled out to majority of Facebook Pages

In the Facebook Chapter of the book, we talk about targeted posts, content that can be targeted directly using a range of demographics.

Until recently, only pages with more than 5,000 fans had access to this feature. However, now as long as you have 30 fans, you can take advantage of this facility.

Targeted post

To get this feature, you need to go into the settings of your Page and ensure your post privacy gating is turned on. Click here to read how to do this.

You’ll then see what looks like a target in between the scheduler and the geolocator in your updating window.

Targeted post 2

If you click on this target, you’ll get a drop-down window (see left) which gives you a number of different demographic options for your targeted content.

Once you’ve entered the required criteria and added your content, you then click on Boost Post and a new window will appear in your screen.


Targeted post 3

Select the People you choose through targeting option, set your budget and away you go.

Facebook will tell you the estimated audience for your post. You can also track its performance using Insights.

So if you are looking to reach out to a new, highly targeted audience, or possibly improve your EdgeRank score, then this could be a very cost effective form of advertising on Facebook.

One word of warning though. You need to be posting a high quality of content – strong images, video, infographic etc. – and the image you use should contain no more than 25% text.