The Jeremy Forrest case – social media lessons to be learned

Unsurprisingly social media has been back in the news again this week with the revelations that the disgraced school teacher Jeremy Forrest had been using Twitter to communicate with his pupil.

As social media authors, we would encourage schools, colleges, businesses and charities to check their social media policies are robust and up-to-date.

“Many organisations are still behind the curve in incorporating social media and the internet into their policies and staff guidelines – in particular schools, colleges and youth organisations.

“Teachers and youth leaders have to be particularly careful about what they do online and a good rule of thumb in these cases is to keep your personal lives separate from your business lives in the social media world.”

Here are some simple guidelines:

  • Schools – like any other organisation, should have a detailed social media policy
  • It is important to separate your personal and business lives
  • Teachers have to be particularly careful about what they do online
  • Schools should be monitoring social media channels to see what is being said about them, their staff and their pupils
  • Staff and pupils need to be educated about dos and don’ts of being online

Listen to author David Taylor speak about this topic on BBC Radio Kent.

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