Graph search is coming to Facebook

Facebook announced yesterday (Monday) that their new Graph Search would be rolled out for English-speaking users of the site.

Graph search graphic

Essentially, this is Facebook starting to take on Google and Google+ by creating an intuitive search engine.

As we say in the book, the social media giant is looking to take on the internet itself so having a search engine to rival Google is an obvious step forward.


So what does this mean for businesses looking to use the site? For now, you won’t have to worry too much. Here are three simple steps to take:

  • Continue to post rich, engaging content
  • Use keywords in updates, photo captions and tags as well as the About section of your Page
  • Make sure that your Page content has been filled in fully. In the same way that Google works, the more information and content you give to Facebook, the easier it will be for users of the site to find your Page.

Have you optimised Graph Search for your Facebook profile yet? We’d love to hear from you.