Have you claimed your Google+ personal or business URL yet?

Great news – you can now claim your own personal Google+ URL for your personal G+ profile and any Company profiles you have or manage.

There’s some basic criteria as to whether you are eligible to claim a personalised URL – but nothing too daunting – your profile simply:

  • has to have a photo
  • has to have at least 10 followers
  • and the account must be more than 30 days old.

So, provided you qualify as above – simply visit your Google+ profile and click on the Settings link.

Once in your Settings, click ‘Edit my Profile’ (link found under your photo) – and if your profile is eligible – at the top of the screen you will see a green notification asking whether you wish to ‘Claim your personalised URL’.

You’ll see that Google automatically offers you an option of what that URL could look like eg: mine was google.com/+MichelleCarvill

On personal profiles you get the option to accept or change the suggested URL – so if you wanted to make it something else, you seem to be able to do that.

For Google+ Business Profiles – you follow the same process – Google will suggest a URL – for Carvill Creative the profile name offered was google.com/+CarvillcreativeCoUk

I tried to change this to just +CarvillCreative – but you don’t seem to have any options to amend their suggestion on G+ Business profiles (as yet) – however, it does make it clear that if you accept that name, then you can’t change it in the future. For Google+ business profiles, you can accept or not – there doesn’t appear to be a way to amend.(Or not one I found anyway).

So there you have it – very simple to do, takes just a few minutes – so get personalising your Google+ Profiles and Business Profiles.

This blog was brought to you via Michelle Carvill – Founder of Carvill Creative, the online visibility agency, and author of The Business of Being Social – A Practical Guide to Harnessing the Power of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for all Businesses.