Social media issues in the news

Author Michelle Carvill this week appeared on Talk Radio Europe┬áspeaking about a range of issues relating to social media. “We are all now publishers or broadcasters these days!”

Michelle covers the naivety of people posting online, the rise of the online celebrity, the Sally Bercow defamation case, trolling, the Malicious Communications Act, amplification of retweets, online education and the positive element of social media channels.

She also talks about how organisations can use social media to meet specific business objectives. And gives top tips on how businesses in the Costa del Sol could be making the most of sites likes Facebook and Twitter.

To hear the full interview, click here:

Talk Radio Europe Part One

Talk Radio Europe Part Two

A cautionary tale about Facebook and advertising

There has been much talk about Facebook ads for the cosmetic brand Dove which have appeared on pages which promote violence towards women. It even spawned its own hashtag on Twitter – #FBRape. Click here for the full story.

In a response to the media, Dove explained: “As Facebook advertising targets people, not pages, we cannot select which pages our advertising appears on.”

And they went on: “In the future, we will be refining our targeting to reduce the chances of our ads appearing on similar pages.”

There are several messages to take away from this story. Firstly, brands must be careful about how they target any advertising on Facebook.

Secondly, due to the vast amount of content now posted on the site, there may be times when your ad or promoted post may end up appearing close to content which is in direct conflict with your brand values.

Finally, remember that Facebook is a social network and, even allowing for their guidelines and our current laws governing defamation, people will post whatever they wish, even if it is offensive.