Setting up a Google+ Page for Business

There’s no doubt about it – as social and search continue to converge, Google+ is a serious network to aid online visibility.

You may be thinking – “arrrgghh – not another network to get my head around”.  However, if you are already using a Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company Profile or Twitter – then you are already well equipped with the know how to set up a Google+ Page.

Do you need to have a Google Profile to set up a Google+ Page?  

In a word – yes, but setting that up is simple – and once you’ve set up that profile, then you can set up and manage multiple Pages (very similar to how you manage your Facebook Pages).  In the same vein, you can set up admins, (Managers) – so that other people can access certain of your Google+ Pages.

Where to start?

Whether you already have a Google profile or not – this link will take you to the place to set up your Google+ Page (and create a profile if you need to).

I could talk you through each step of setting up a Google+Page – but fortunately Google has created this very comprehensive guide – The Guide to Google+ for Business – Getting Started.  It’s worth a look. Clearly illustrated and easy to follow.


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