Promoting your company’s content on LinkedIn

Many businesses are now using a LinkedIn Company profile to build their brand online. Indeed, it was recently revealed that LinkedIn is the best generator of leads to a corporate website. (More here).

However, while many brands will have customised their Company Profile and uploading interesting and engaging content, chances are that few people on LinkedIn will see these updates. Also, attracting Followers may also be problematic.

So, in a similar way to Boosted and Targeted Posts on Facebook, it is now possible to promote your content to a wider audience in order to raise your visibility further and reach out to new B2B audiences on the site.

Known as Sponsored Updates, these are very easy to use. Simply upload content to your Company Profile as you would normally do. You then get the option of promoting this content to a target audience drawn from a selected demographic, using factors such as Location, Company and Group.

Payment is either via cost per click (CPC) or cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM). Like any form of CPD advertising, whether LinkedIn, Facebook or Google, the amount you pay is down to how competitive the marketplace is.

It is then a case of measuring the performance of these ads using LinkedIn anaytics, Google analytics and LinkedIn’s own campaign manager.

Do remember though that when running any form of advertising campaign to do the following:

  • Get your content right. You’re paying to sponsor an update so it needs to be interesting and engaging.
  • Choose the correct target audience
  • Ensure that you have a properly optimised landing page to direct people to
  • Test and measure the performance of the ads

Check out this excellent article on Social Media Examiner which goes into more detail about Sponsored Updates.


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