Happy 10th birthday to LinkedIn

Believe it or not, the social network LinkedIn is now 10 years old. Started in May 2003 essentially as a recruitment website, it has now morphed into a fully fledged, business-focused social media site with over 225 million+ members worldwide.

To remind you what it has achieved over the past decade, they have produced their own video which you can watch here: 10 years of LinkedIn.

In our training courses, we often say there is no reason why anyone should have to go onto social networks in a personal capacity. The exception though is LinkedIn. Anyone who is a professional and wants to build their visibility online, grow their authority and network successfully needs to have a fully-completed profile on the site.

Furthermore, just as Facebook Pages are taking on consumer facing websites, in the same way, LinkedIn Company Profiles are doing the same in the professional services and B2B (Business to Business) space.

So think about ensuring that you and your business are visible on LinkedIn.

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