Google+ gets a revamp

Word reaches us that Google+ is getting a makeover (read more here). The site, which now boasts over 400 million members worldwide, is getting a lot of attention from marketers due to it’s relevance to SEO (search engine optimization).


Google+, in conjunction with YouTube and Google itself, is a great way to make your brand visible online. By posting keyword rich content (you may notice plenty in this blog!) on a company Google+ Page, you will help your ranking on Google.

And if you are blogging regularly on your website as well as adding video content, together these will push you up Google’s rankings.

But of course, Google+ is also a well defined social network and is increasingly being used by a young, tech savvy audience who are tiring of Facebook.

Hangouts, Circles and Ripples, all of which are covered in the book, are great ways to network with specific audiences online, while hitting +1 on websites is a really easy way to post content.

So if you are looking to achieve a higher ranking on Google and if you believe your target audience are not necessarily using the other leading social media sites, make sure you give Google+ a try.

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