Social media, child protection and the April Jones case

Following on from Michelle Carvill’s interview on BBC Radio Newcastle yesterday, David Taylor today appeared on John Darvall’s BBC Radio Bristol mid morning programme.

Topic of discussion was the horrific April Jones case and the implications for parents, search engines, internet service providers and the social networks, particularly Facebook.

A very painful subject which shows the darker side of online content.

Please listen to the interview and let us know your thoughts?

BBC Radio Bristol 13-0531 10.50am

Why traditional media is still important

During out training courses with Business Training Made Simple, many delegates are under the impression that somehow tradition marketing is dead, to be replaced solely by social media.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and in fact, the two types of marketing could and should work very well each other. There are lots of examples of businesses using newspaper advertising to promote a Twitter account or Facebook Page, PR agencies work to promote hashtags around events while many small businesses include LIKE US ON FACEBOOK notices inside their premises.

And we have an example of this very close to home. Our book is now being promoted in a weekly column within the business pages of Metro newspaper on Tuesdays. Titled “Taylor’s titbits”, the article looks at one topic of social media which businesses can learn about. The first two have covered understanding what social networks can do for your organisation and creating proper social media guidelines for your staff.

Metro 300413

Poppy Loves ….. our social media courses

We were thrilled to see that one of the attendees at our social media training courses for Business Training Made Simple has written a flattering article about our work.

Jadore Le Rose Header peach 850px

Poppy Loves, which is an anonymous blog about fashion, food, lifestyle, design and fun has a piece talking about the author’s recent experiences learning all about how to apply social media to specific business objectives.

Click here to read the piece and a big thank you to Poppy for the publicity.


The world of social media is changing so quickly.

Blank book cover white

In creating The Business of Being Social – we have had to make at least 12 significant changes to the text in as little as 6 months.

The challenge of writing a book about such a dynamic and fast moving topic – is indeed keeping it fresh, and relevant.

Hence why we’ve created this blog – a space where we can keep all readers of The Business of Being Social, completely up-to-date with the latest happenings in the social media space.

Stay tuned, follow @bobsthebook, subscribe to this blog – to ensure that when new things happen, you’re informed.