The Business of Being Social 2nd Edition – First review and it’s a 5*****!

Always delightful to great off to a great start… David and I are delighted with the 5***** review for the book. Let’s hope there are as many as for our first edition.

“There are so many books out there that claim to teach businesses the art of using social media platforms, but they are full of wordy jargon-filled passages which give most non-web professionals a headache.
This is such a refreshing read, breaking each chapter down to focus on a specific social platform, and explaining why businesses should use the platform, not just how.
It covers the basics, like describing each platform and what they are used for – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ are all covered, but it goes deeper and explains how businesses need to communicate with their customers, how to engage, lead a conversation and get the best from a strategy. As a small business owner I found this actually quite a compelling read, and I have used it for creating strategies for using social media, and how to get the best out of it. Hands down the best social media book for businesses if you don’t want a heavy read.”

Wonderful – just what we set out to achieve.

Michelle x

The Business of Being Social – 2nd Edition is here…

Yay – it’s happened. The Business of Being Social 2nd Edition is here.

Why a second edition and not a brand new book? I hear you say…

Well – whilst the skeleton is similar – and some of the aspects from the original book have been retained, the majority (around 85%) is brand new.

2nd Edition of The Business of Being Social

2nd Edition of The Business of Being Social

A lot has changed in the social media space in the past two years – and so this 2nd edition features not only all the relevant updates to keep the content, fresh and relevant and as highly practical as possible – but it also includes two whole new chapters.

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Becoming an Adaptive Social Business

When we wrote the book almost 3 years ago now – when we were training and consulting with organisations and business owners, the question was ‘why should we do social media‘.  Just a few years later, the question is now more likely to be ‘how can we do social media effectively‘.

The answer to both questions will be uncovered throughout the 13 chapters.

So – grab your copy today – and be sure to leave a review. We had so much praise for our original book, which spurred us on for book number 2 – so enjoy and let us know what you think.

Happy reading…

Michelle x





Have you claimed your Google+ personal or business URL yet?

Great news – you can now claim your own personal Google+ URL for your personal G+ profile and any Company profiles you have or manage.

There’s some basic criteria as to whether you are eligible to claim a personalised URL – but nothing too daunting – your profile simply:

  • has to have a photo
  • has to have at least 10 followers
  • and the account must be more than 30 days old.

So, provided you qualify as above – simply visit your Google+ profile and click on the Settings link.

Once in your Settings, click ‘Edit my Profile’ (link found under your photo) – and if your profile is eligible – at the top of the screen you will see a green notification asking whether you wish to ‘Claim your personalised URL’.

You’ll see that Google automatically offers you an option of what that URL could look like eg: mine was

On personal profiles you get the option to accept or change the suggested URL – so if you wanted to make it something else, you seem to be able to do that.

For Google+ Business Profiles – you follow the same process – Google will suggest a URL – for Carvill Creative the profile name offered was

I tried to change this to just +CarvillCreative – but you don’t seem to have any options to amend their suggestion on G+ Business profiles (as yet) – however, it does make it clear that if you accept that name, then you can’t change it in the future. For Google+ business profiles, you can accept or not – there doesn’t appear to be a way to amend.(Or not one I found anyway).

So there you have it – very simple to do, takes just a few minutes – so get personalising your Google+ Profiles and Business Profiles.

This blog was brought to you via Michelle Carvill – Founder of Carvill Creative, the online visibility agency, and author of The Business of Being Social – A Practical Guide to Harnessing the Power of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for all Businesses.





Launch Party – The Business of Being Social

So… what a fun event our book launch turned out to be.

Everyone enjoyed the presentation we gave sharing insights into how we came about writing the book, the gap in the market we were aiming to fill – and the practicalities of writing of book, when you’re running your own business and have small children.  The presentation ‘The Making of The Business of Being Social‘ went down really well – (and everyone particularly liked our Bloopers video- lots of hearty laughter… thanks guys).

And the stage was set in the wonderful offices of Laytons Solicitors, 2 More London. The views, as you can see from the photo gallery – were absolutely spectacular. And the word ‘WOW’ was commonplace as guests arrived. Such a vantage point from which to enjoy canapes and wine and watch the sun going down over London’s panoramic skyline – and experience the changing light on Tower Bridge.

Setting up a Google+ Page for Business

There’s no doubt about it – as social and search continue to converge, Google+ is a serious network to aid online visibility.

You may be thinking – “arrrgghh – not another network to get my head around”.  However, if you are already using a Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company Profile or Twitter – then you are already well equipped with the know how to set up a Google+ Page.

Do you need to have a Google Profile to set up a Google+ Page?  

In a word – yes, but setting that up is simple – and once you’ve set up that profile, then you can set up and manage multiple Pages (very similar to how you manage your Facebook Pages).  In the same vein, you can set up admins, (Managers) – so that other people can access certain of your Google+ Pages.

Where to start?

Whether you already have a Google profile or not – this link will take you to the place to set up your Google+ Page (and create a profile if you need to).

I could talk you through each step of setting up a Google+Page – but fortunately Google has created this very comprehensive guide – The Guide to Google+ for Business – Getting Started.  It’s worth a look. Clearly illustrated and easy to follow.


Google+ gets a revamp

Word reaches us that Google+ is getting a makeover (read more here). The site, which now boasts over 400 million members worldwide, is getting a lot of attention from marketers due to it’s relevance to SEO (search engine optimization).


Google+, in conjunction with YouTube and Google itself, is a great way to make your brand visible online. By posting keyword rich content (you may notice plenty in this blog!) on a company Google+ Page, you will help your ranking on Google.

And if you are blogging regularly on your website as well as adding video content, together these will push you up Google’s rankings.

But of course, Google+ is also a well defined social network and is increasingly being used by a young, tech savvy audience who are tiring of Facebook.

Hangouts, Circles and Ripples, all of which are covered in the book, are great ways to network with specific audiences online, while hitting +1 on websites is a really easy way to post content.

So if you are looking to achieve a higher ranking on Google and if you believe your target audience are not necessarily using the other leading social media sites, make sure you give Google+ a try.